The Larmer Tree Gardens

Set in the outstanding landscape of the Cranborne Chase, on the Dorset/Wiltshire border, these beautifully laid out gardens were created by General Pitt Rivers in 1880.  Originally designed as pleasure grounds for "public enlightenment and entertainment", the Larmer Tree is an extraordinary example of Victorian extravagance. Recognised by English Heritage as a Garden of National Importance, they were the first privately owned gardens to be opened for public enjoyment.

From the magnificent main lawn, radiate wide laurel-hedged rides that take you to tranquil woodland beyond. The Larmer Tree contains a wonderful collection of ornate buildings, peacocks and free-flying Macaws, retained in an enchanting and tranquil atmosphere.

The Coffee Grove Café serves delicious coffee, lunch and cream tea.

Garden & Coffee Grove Café open Sunday to Thursday 11.00am to 4.30pm.

The gardens are closed from Monday 6th July until Saturday 1st August whilst the Larmer Tree Festival is on site and from Monday 24th August to Saturday 19th September whilst the End of the Road Festival is on site. Tickets for both these festivals are available online.

Photo by:  The Larmer Tree Gardens