Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most visited cities in the world. With its Roman Baths, splendid Abbey, ravishing Georgian architecture, Jane Austen centre, fabulous shopping and museums on such diverse subjects as costume, the postal service and the early days of America, it’s no wonder Bath is such a fabulous place to visit! 

The newly opened Thermae Bath Spa is the only place in the United Kingdom you can bathe in natural thermal hot waters as the Romans did and countless generations since then have had the privilege of doing. If you visit Bath you can have a dip too! 

As well as being a gorgeous city with many attractions for all the family, Bath is also a shopping heaven! With a total of six shopping districts there are more than enough shops to keep even the pickiest shopper happy. In Bath you'll find galleries and independent stores, gift shops, bookshops and all the chain stores including Debenhams and Marks and Spencer. For more information on shopping in Bath see here.